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أسئلة الهيئة كيمياء حيويه يوليو 2013

المنتــدى الأكاديمي [ Academic Forum ]

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لوني المفضل : Cadetblue
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تاريخ التسجيل : Jun 2013
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new أسئلة الهيئة كيمياء حيويه يوليو 2013

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته

الحمد لله دخلت اختبار الهيئة ونجحت

بس كانت هادي ثالث محاوله ليا لانو ما كان في اي مكان موجود فيه اسئله
في هنا اسئلة قليله بس مو كل شي
المهم انا جمعت اسئله من اللي افتكرتو
وفي نقاط معينه ماني فاكره السوال حقها بس بحطل عسى انها تفيدكم

يلا بسم الله


What type of bonds found between carbon atoms cause fats to form links?

How many different amino acids are there?

What are the bonds between amino acids called?
Peptide bonds

What happens in a dehydration reaction?
Monomers are bonded together and a water molecule is released

Muscle cells store energy in the form of ____________.

What reactions break apart polymers?
aHydrolysis reactions

‫Albumin ‬‬
Increased in Dehydration
Maintain osmotic blood pressure

Increased In Acute hepatitis (infections)

Pellagra associated Vitamin deficiency
Vitamin B3 Nicotinic acid

Infants with methyl malonic acid in his urine ,should be treated
with Vitamin B12

Which of the following not affect vitamin K level
Lack of the meat in diet

The most common Cause of hyperglycemia

The correct order of following lipoproteins from least to laregest density
Chylomicrons – VLDL – LDL – HDl

A child with measured N-acetyl βgalactoseaminidase of 47 % of normal has
Tay-Sachs disease (Def of N-acetlyβ-hexosaeaminidase A in leucocytes , Increased levels of Ganglioside GM2 Phospholipis in the neurons)

In amniotic fluid , measurement of AFP is for
Neural tube defects

For chemical examination of CSF should be
Associated with appropriate plasma tests
Increased protein in xanthochromic CSF is found in Brain tumor in the midneuro

Increased protein in xanthochromic CSF is found in
Brain tumor in the midneuro

The highest increase of AST found in
Acute hepatitis

The first enzyme increased in MI

The Best diagnosis of MI

Zinc is a cofactor for

Zollinger Ellison ds is diagnosed by
Very high gastric PH

Normal blood PH
7.35 -7.4 ( 7.35 – 7.45 )

Uncompesated respiratory acidosis is known from
Fall in bicarbonate level

The kidney respond to respiratory acidosis by
Ammonium excretion

Person with hemophilia married with normal women
Carrier female

Elevated bilirubin is due to
Bilirubin overload in the liver
Defect bilirubin excretion from the liver
Defect bilirubin esterification
Damaged liver cells

Yellow coloration of the skin and sclera of the eye is due to
Bilirubin and bilirubin diglucoruronide

Color of the stool is due to

Water reabsorption takes place in
Renal proximal tubules

A clearance of a substace is that
It freely filtered by the glomeruli & Completely excreted

IN Paracetamol toxicity
Rapid diagnosis should be done since specific antidote is available

In Wilson disease all are measured
Plasma copper
Hepatic copper
Urine copper
A stool speciemen with reddish black color should be tested for
Occult blood

The protein fractions migration in cellulose acetate electrophoresis is based on
Charge difference

in the acute intermittent Porphyria which is found in urine

Liver is affected by accumulation
Fatty acids

in Prenatal diagnosis AFP is measured for
Neural tube defects

The difference between ELISA & EIA that
ELISA uses enzymes

NA & K is best measured by
Ion-selective electrode

The enzymes most elevated in alchol intake

After 3 hrs. equilibrated meal which is not elevated

In acute intermittent common bile obstruction we should measure

in Jaffe Reaction a red colored complex is formed with creatinine on addition of
Alkalie picrate

which one of the following lipoproteins contains Highest concentration of Cholestrol

Exogenous Triglycerides present in

Endogenous Triglycerides present in

An increase in uric acid is called

clincal condition results from an disorder of uric acid

A Protein associated with immunology of the body

Abnormal Hemoglobin variant is

هنا لازم تعرفوا انواع الهيموجلوبين
وايش ترتيبها لما تنفصل
هادا ماهو الترتيب الصح حاولت اطلعها ما لقيت اجابه اكيده
المهم تدوروا على Hemoglobin electrophoresis

What does stat mean

+- 2 SD
هذا سؤال في الاحصاء
SD= standart deviation

sustained relief is
dosage forms are designed to release a drug at a predetermined rate in order to maintain a constant drug concentration for a specific period of time with minimum side effects.

what is Pharmacokinetics
The branch of pharmacology concerned with the movement of drugs within the body

intravenous glucose tolerance test (IVGTT)
It measures the early insulin response following an intravenous glucose load, and is useful in transplantation studies and in prediabetic individuals with elevated islet cell antibodies and other autoimmune markers.
is used only in research

oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT),
what is the reason of the addition of sodium nitrite in
The concentration of total bilirubin is determined by the addition of sodium nitrite

The bilirubin when exposed to light gives
Direct bilirubin

sweat Chloride test is used to detect
Cystic Fibrosis

the best Anticoagulant in electrolyte test is

ACP is which organ enzyme
هادا السوال ماني متاكده منو بس الانزيم ACP جات عليه اسئله كتير

which one of these decrease the Oxygen affinity to hemoglobin
2,3 BPG

عندنا 4 اشياء بتاثر على ارتباط الاكسجين بالهموجلوبين
ثاني اكسيد الكربون
2,3 BPG
نسيت ايش هو الرابع هههههه

which electrolyte inactivate most enzyme activity
Magnesium Mg

what is the best to diagnose future Diabetes
glycohemoglobin GHb

diasacchrides are formed when Monosaccharides link together and loss
a molecule of water

the best medium to separate Hb C, Hb G and Hb. A
agarose electrophoresis

Hyperammonemia is usually associated with
metabolic disturbance characterised by an excess of ammonia in the blood. Ammonia is a substance that contains nitrogen. It is a product of the catabolism of protein.

M and H units are found in which enzyme
Lactate Dehydrogenase

all the following estimation can be done on plasma EDTA blood except ;

مهم تعرفوا انواع الانابيب وايس الاختبارات اللي تنفع لها واللي ما تنفع
كيمياء حيويه المفروض ما يهمنا غير

الخضرا heparin

والبنفسجيه EDTA

والحمرا او الصفرا plain

Glucose + Galactose
= lactose
مهم تعرفوا برضو السكريات الاحاديه لما تتجمع ايش تعطي

وجات حسابات
mg/dl to mmol/L
هنا معلومه مهمه التحويل بيكون حسب اللي بيعطينا هو السوال
يعني لو قال 10 ميلي جرام من الجلوكوز وتبغى تحولها ل ميلي مول بنقسم
على 18 لكن اذا كان للكالسيوم مثلا بنقسمها على اربعه
في الثلاثه الاختبارات مره جاني جلوكوز ومره كالسيوم ومره ماغنيسيوم
يعني طلعوا لكل واحد منهم ايش الحسابات حقتهم ومو بس دول الثلاثه
شوفوا كل شي
صوديوم ، فوسفات ، ايش شي يجي معاكم


14. A diabetic patient was admitted to the emergency room with complications of High Blood pressure. The technologist run a random blood sugar test the linearity is 320 mg/dl , The doctor is waiting for the final result, the result is above 320 mg/dl, the technologist run transfer 100 microgram of plasma and 400 micogram of water, the result is 105 mg/dl , what should he reports??
A. 320
B. 440
C. 500
D. 525

هادا السؤال كان محطوط هنا وحاولت ادور على الاجابه وما لقيتها
وجاني في الاختبار وما اعرف ايش كان الصح

هادي اسئله افتكر منها كلمات مو كلها

what is dry chemistry ?
PH Blanking
Azodomia= high level of nitrogen rich component
Atomic emission spectroscopy
Photoelectric flame photometer
bushurld reaction
linear absorption
spot point
calculation about bilirubin
direct bilirubin
indirect bilirubin
totat bilirubin
بيجبلك اثنين منهم ويطلبوا حساب الثالث
what increase the affinity of HB to O2 ?
enzyme that involve in the alcohol metabolism
hyper MG and hypo
albumin dye
bohr effect
anion gap


في كمان هادا الكتاب
[فقط الأعضاء المسجلين والمفعلين يمكنهم رؤية الوصلات . إضغط هنا للتسجيل]
فيلو كل شي عن الكيميا الحيويه بطريقه الاختياري
والاجابات في اخر كل فصل
مفيد وذاكرت منو شويه مو كتير

ومرررره سامحوني دا اللي افتكرو واللي ذاكرت منو شويه

حاولت اكتب اي شي متذكراه

شكرا للي نزلوا اسئله قبلي فادتني الحمد لله
وان شاء الله كل واحد يختبر ينزل عشان الكل يستفيد

الله يوفق الجميع يارب

اهم نصيحه لكم انكم تذاكروا من بدري وتحاولوا تقروا في كل شي
وحاولوا تبدأوا بالاشياد اللي تعرفوا عشان تركز المعلومه
وبعدين ادخلوا على الاشياء الجديده

والسلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته

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الله يعطيك الف عافية ما قصرت ومبروك نجاحك بالامتحان

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الفيس بوك
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